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Igor Zax to speak at Supply Chain Finance Summit in Frankfurt

Igor Zax, Managing Director of Tenzor Ltd., will speak at Supply Chain Finance Summit 2016. The summit will be held 28-29 January 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany and is arranged by BCR Publishing.

Igor will present at:

Concluding roundtable: Where will we end up? Future-proofing
supply chain finance
Supply chain finance, perhaps the hottest new area emerging in global supply chain management has become an important tool in the battle to unlock working capital, improving competitiveness and generating billions of dollars in free cash flow for best in class companies and their suppliers. Increasingly, financial institutions are partnering and working with technology platforms to provide working capital solutions to key clients and their suppliers (case studies eg Prime Revenue and Mizuoho) whilst at the same time midsized companies want to ensure they can make the business case for supply chain finance. This final session reviews:
  • Key impact points to be aware of in launching and maintaining SCF
  • costs, risks and complications check list
  • Ensuring that the benefits of SCF reaches the mid-market
  • Overcoming the perceived and actual boundaries between the operations and finance in order to achieve genuinely effective SCF programmes for buyers and suppliers
Igor Zax, Managing Director, Tenzor, UK
Enrico Camerinelli, Senior Analyst, AITE GROUP, Italy
Jochen Oberlaender, General Manager, Surecomp, Germany

To take advantage of 10% speaker discount please use SCF10 code when registering for the conference.


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