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Igor Zaks, President Tenzor Ltd interviews Richard Wulff, Executive Director, ICISA

“What you see now in SCF is the bigger concentration risk. And this is one of the reasons for the concentration in the trade credit insurance market,” Richard Wulff, Executive Director, ICISA.

In the run up to the SCFS’22, Igor Zaks, President Tenzor Ltd, interviews Richard Wulff about the differences between the recent Covid crisis from GFC, the reasons for investing in Greensill, and why this was not a trade credit insurance case; the impact of government support on credit insurers, differences between regional trade credit insurance markets, and the bigger concentration risk prompted by the development of SCF.

Register for SCFS’22, 24 April, London to see Richard Wulff speaking on Regulatory and legal challenges for the growth of SCF.

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