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Tenzor Ltd. – Working Capital Management, Operational Due Diligence, Corporate Restructuring

Tenzor Ltd provides consultancy and interim management for Working Capital Management, Corporate Restructuring, and Operational Due Diligence. The company was founded by Igor Zaks in 2009, capitalizing on experience in banking, blue-chip corporations, and fintech business.
Our clients include large corporations, banks, private equity, and debt funds, and fintech companies.

Working Capital

Working Capital:

-Tenzor Ltd. offers outstanding expertise and a unique approach to working capital management and financing.

-We have deep experience with every form of working capital financing (supply chain financing, distributor financing, all types of trade and receivable financing, credit insurance, securitizations, etc.)

– At the same time, we have deep experience with operational and strategic aspects of working capital management from a company standpoint.

-This allows us to achieve alignment and deliver value to all parts of the ecosystem (corporations, financiers, platforms, and others).

Operational Due Diligence Tenzor Ltd.

Operational Due Diligence:

-At Tenzor, we do not see a business as just a combination of numbers and legal agreements. Instead, we always strive to build a holistic picture and understand real risks and opportunities. This approach provides unique value to equity investors (private equity and corporations). We also work with debt investors, especially in complex deals such as all types of receivable/payable backed deals, and Asset Based Lending, often being able to detect issues that slip through other forms of due diligence.

Corporate Restructuring Tenzor Ltd

Corporate Restructuring:

-We have significant experience dealing with distressed companies. We can combine a deep understanding of operational issues and challenges in engaging with all the stakeholders. Tenzor Ltd. can professionally coordinate operational, financial, legal, PR, and other aspects by providing a client with a single point of contact and effective management of this complex process to deliver the best outcomes.

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