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Igor Zaks to present at the FCI annual meeting in Washington DC

Igor Zaks, President of Tenzor Ltd. will present at the FCI (formerly Factors Chain International) 54th Annual Meeting – Washington DC 19-23 June 2022

Igor Zaks moderating Trends in Receivables Finance & ESG panel

Igor will be moderating a panel:

Panel Discussion on the Trends in Receivables Finance including ESG Impact

In times of significant economic contraction followed by a huge swing in economic growth, rising inflation and interest rates, which is what we are witnessing today businesses will be severely impacted.

With the continuation of the pandemic, especially in Asia, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine,
and the fast pace changes in the global economy, what can the industry expect to see in the future?
Also, the recent changes to accounting rules governing SCF by the Financial Accounting Standards
Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) will require disclosures of all
key aspects relating to reverse factoring programs on the corporate buyer’s financial statements is
now settled however the potential implications of whether there will be future changes to the accounting treatment of trade debt on their balance sheet is still a threat.

And lastly, other issues like the implementation of Basel III rules, elimination of LIBOR and the implementation of new overnight risk-free reference rates, the change in the definition of default in the EU and the rise of fraud will be discussed. Global regulators led by an encroaching European Central Bank and an aggressive US Administration are calling on financial institutions to account for the impact that they and their clients may have on the environment. Hear from industry experts from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Moderated by Mr. Igor Zaks, President, Tenzor Ltd, Canada.

• Mr. Tod Burwell, President and CEO, BAFT, USA.
• Mr. Sinan Ozcan, Senior Executive Officier & Board of Director, DP World Financial Services, UAE.
• Mr. Matthew Gamser, CEO, SME Finance Forum (IFC), USA.

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