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Igor Zaks to present at Georgetown University

Georgetown University McDonough School of Business

Igor Zaks, CFA, President of Tenzor Ltd, will present as a guest speaker at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business on 26 April 2022. The topic would be “Tools for financing and credit risk mitigation in supply chains-past, present, and future?”.  

We would be discussing the importance of suppliers’ financial health and supplier bankruptcies and also look at supply chain finance and its role and impact within supply chains. We will look at SCF techniques, factoring, letters of credit, insurance products (credit insurance and surety), risk distribution (securitization, tokenization, etc.). Will touch upon technology trends, risks, “good” and “bad” stories, etc.
My special thanks to professor Volodymyr Babich, one of the leading academics in the interface of operations and finance, supply risk management, supply chain finance, supply chain management, stochastic modeling, and risk management for his invitation to speak at his course.

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