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Igor Zaks to Present at Georgetown University

Igor Zaks, CFA, President of Tenzor Ltd., will present as a guest speaker at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business on 15 April 2021. We would be discussing the importance of suppliers’ financial health and supplier bankruptcies and also look at supply chain finance and its role and impact within supply chains. We will look at the impact of COVID-19, various industry changes as well as recent events like Greensill, as well as various mitigation strategies in supply chains. My special thanks to professor Volodymyr Babich for his invitation to speak at his course.

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Igor Zaks presented at Supply Chain Finance Summit – full recording

Igor Zaks, CFA, President of Tenzor Ltd., presented at Supply Chain Finance Summit 2021, a key industry event by BCR Publishing, 26 January 2021.

Digital transformation – what are the latest influences on SCF?

Digital transformation in entering a new phase where increased connectivity will enable more refined, streamlined
structures and provide prospects for more product offerings
• Are we entering a new phase of digital transformation for SCF?
• What are the new trends in connectivity in the use of APIs and extractors?
• Is a single multi-funder platform the answer to increased control and efficiency for corporates?
• Reg tech for easier supplier onboarding – what are the latest innovations?
• Extending the SCF product range to provide a solutions-based approach for corporates
Matt Wreford, CEO, Demica
Igor Zaks, President, Tenzor Ltd.

The panel was moderated by Bertrand de Comminges, Managing Director, Global Head Trade Finance Investments, Santander Asset Management

Full recording of the session is available HERE

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Igor Zax to present at North America Trade & Working Capital Conference 2016

Igor Zax, Managing Director of Tenzor Ltd., will present at North America Trade & Working Capital Conference 2016, which will take place in New York, USA 16 June 2016. The conference is organized by GTR (Global Trade Review).

The panel, The Corporate Assessment: Debate and Verdict, would include physical and financial supply chain experts who will offer their thoughts on the benefits and drawback of each solution, assess how various techniques can be combined to maximise supplier participation, provide perspectives on SCF best practices, and debate what is required to entrench supply chain financing as a universally accessible standard practice for the corporate sector. An audience
Q&A will finish the session.

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Receivables Finance in the Context of Working Capital Management by Igor Zax

Igor Zax, Managing Director of Tenzor Ltd, published a new article, Receivables Finance in Context of Working Capital Management in TRF News (Trade and receivable Finance News, a major publication by BCR).

Editorial comment states “Igor Zax’s article in today’s trfnews, ‘Receivables Finance in the Context of Working Capital Management’, reminds us of the value of looking back at the history of modern supply chains and how working capital management, and hence factoring and supply chain finance, has developed from this. It also reflects on the potential frailty and dangers that over exposure to some supply chain structures can bring.

On late payments he says: “just a couple of weeks delay on 30 day terms increases working capital consumption by one-and-a-half times.” I wonder how many factors use such direct terms in their advertising material. If they do not, perhaps they should consider it, particularly as the trend is for larger companies to use receivables finance, and it is those companies in particular that tend respond well to the use of such analytic sound bites.”

Reprinted with permission.

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"Distressed M&A –Supply Chains and Working Capital Solutions?" -guest lecture by Igor Zax at LBS

Igor Zax, founder of Tenzor Ltd, was presenting again at LBS (London Business School) with a guest lecture Distressed M&A –Supply Chains and Working Capital Solutions? , as part of a course “Mergers, MBOs and Other Corporate Reorganisations” 22 April 2010.

The lecture addresses strategies distressed mergers and acquisitions, core principles for turnarounds, effect of supply chains, role of ABL (asset backed lending), working capital management, distribution structures and vertical integration.

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