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Igor Zax to speak at Distressed Debt Investor Forum

Igor Zax, Managing Director of Tenzor Ltd., is going to present at Distressed Debt Investor Forum  by IIR/Informa 12-13 of November 2014 in London. He will be joining a panel “Investing in Emerging Market Distressed Debt”:

Investing in Emerging Market Distressed
• Impact of recent economic events on emerging markets
• Understanding the emerging market distressed opportunity
• Comparison of pricing & structure in different markets
• In which sectors are there attractive investments to be made?
• Analysis of the different levels of protection / security in different markets
• Identifying upcoming opportunities
• Protecting your investment in frontier markets
Parham Pouladdej, Managing Partner, EMSA CAPITAL
Andrew Chappell, Managing Partner, EXOTIX
Igor Zax, Founder, TENZOR