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Igor Zaks to speak at Receivables Finance International Convention

Igor Zaks Receivables Finance International


Igor Zaks, CFA, President of Tenzor Ltd will speak at BCR’s 21st annual Receivables Finance International Convention, 18-20 May 2021.

The receivables finance sector continues to evolve rapidly. Covid-19 has meant a significant shift in market attitudes. Some of these will be permanent; some will disappear over time. Many expect a rapid rise in receivables finance business coming out of the pandemic as government-imposed restrictions are eased. But navigating to that point could be tricky as the financial support provided by governments will expose many SMEs to terminal positions.

Igor will be moderating two panel sessions:

Panel session: The anticipated future market trends for trade receivables securitisation and secondary markets

Product innovation in trade receivables securitisation is allowing industry players to better serve their corporate clients and for new products to expand into new markets and grow their networks. This session will explore where the growth in the market is going to come from.

  • What is the role of securitisation from a corporate and capital markets perspective?
  • How the growth in trade finance in emerging markets is supporting development of the market in trade receivables securitisation?
  • An overview of the alternative financiers, disruptive technology, regulatory capital and where convergence is happening in the market.
  • What are the future prospects for funding factors?
  • What has been learned from the Greensill crisis?

Igor Zaks, President, Tenzor Ltd
Simon Bessant, Board Director, Global Head of Insurance, The Texel Group
Renaud Chalmet, Deputy Head of Corporate Receivables Securitisation, BNP Paribas
Tim Davies, Head of Financial Design, Blackstar Capital Europe

Panel session: How do we make receivables a more viable asset class for investors?

This panel session will revisit where the industry stands in the eyes of investors, discussing key issues such as has the Greensill crisis formed a permanent shadow over the prospects for the receivables finance investment market?

  • Which strategies have worked?
  • What obstacles have we seen?
  • What are the opportunities for tokenisation?
  • How to protect yourself against fraud as an investor
  • Has Greensill damaged the market for investors?
  • The increasingly important role ESG is playing in investments
  • Using digitisation to support the dynamics of the market

Igor Zaks, President,Tenzor Ltd
Ben Grant, Head of Alliances and Partnerships, Aronova
Salman Khan Galindo, Portfolio Manager, Illiquid Alternative Investments, Santander Asset Management
Jens Noffke, Working Capital Lead, Global Procurement, F. Hoffmann-La Roche
Amitji Odedra, Investment Director, Qbera Capital
Martin Opfermann, Senior Portfolio Manager, Alternatives, Allianz Global Investors

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