Igor Zaks to present at TXF Americas 2020

Igor Zax (Zaks), CFA, President of TenzorAI, and Tenzor Ltd, will be co-leading discussion at TXF Americas 2020 19-20 February 2020 in Miami, US:

Trade Finance in the Americas:
In a world filled with greater regulation and risk, this
forum will discuss the world of financing trade. There is
no doubt that Basel III, IV and cross-border transactions
pose further questions around risk, but to what extent
are banks and insurers willing to take on this risk and
how can they alleviate it?
• In which sectors are banks and insurers willing to take
on more risk and why?
• With Basel III coming into implementation in January
2020, how will banks’ and insurers risk appetite be
• Will the Master Risk Participation Agreement help
standardise a framework for the buying and selling of
trade finance-related assets?
• Are we seeing a positive correlation for of using
supply-chain finance instead of letters of credit for
cross-border trade in Latin America?
Discussion Leaders:
Marie Torres, International Trade Finance Manager,
Ellicott Dredges
Amy Shinkman, Vice President, Export Credit Insurance, US
Exim Bank
Igor Zaks, President, Tenzor

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